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workshop: rashidieh - Youssuf and Abdullah

Yousuf: I am Yousof Fathi al Raghif from Palestine from Rashidyeh camp, and my friend Abdullah Kassem is also from Rashidyeh.

I love Palestine a lot because the grandfathers of my grandfathers are from Palestine. Abdullah is also from Palestine. Because we love Palestine, we decided to do good work for it, it's about folklore.

We decided to do an activity by ourselves to show that we youth have big and strong energy.
We decided to form a wedding folklore band...
...a dancing band...
...and acting group on the traditions of our grandfathers and how they were living.
First we at Rashidyeh camp, as I already told you, we formed a dancing group, and we saved all our efforts for it, but we are not fully free for the dancing group because we have our own work.
v For example, Abdullah and I go to school and when we finish our studies we go dancing.
Sometimes we go to the cafe to play cards and have a good time.
I am studying hotel management at the vocational center of Tyre also have a neighbor who has a restaurant and I go to help him in wrapping sandwiches.
At this time, Abdullah has his own studies too. We have many other hobbies such as football and other recreations.
There are quite a few of us at the dancing, singing and acting groups. They are all friends, relatives or neighbors. At the groups we are happy, angry, and disappointed at the same time.
We are happy because we managed to collect ourselves in these groups and did this big work, but we are angry because we are doing this outside our country, Palestine, this is also the reason for disappointment. We are also happy because we are making this work known again as a heritage - heritage is what our grandfathers used to do.

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